Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Sold Only For $14.99 [Coupon]

The Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 can really improve daily office efficiency. The simple design of Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has been upgraded again. It adopts a symmetrical design. It can be also operated flexibly with both hands. Our protagonist is available in black and white – different colors show different styles. This wireless mouse is sold only for $14.99 after using our coupon.

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Price without coupon: $17.99
Coupon price: $14.99

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Design

The Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has also been upgraded in terms of materials, and the surface treatment is more textured. Some fuzzy effect particles are added to the spray paint coating, which is delicate and skin-friendly. The roller is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is sandblasted and anodized. The texture is also upgraded, which can effectively prevent slip and sweat. Moreover, the thoughtful use of the mute button design makes the mouse operation silent, rapid rebound and durable. Whether it is in the bedroom, meeting room, or library, it will not disturb others, and it is easy to say goodbye to the clicking sound.

The Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has a 1000dpi photoelectric sensor. It can be accurately positioned when moving quickly. At the same time, it has excellent surface ability, suitable for desktops of various colors and materials. This computer also easily meets office and daily needs.

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Battery

So after disassembling the Mi Wireless Mouse 2, you can see a complimentary AA battery and USB micro receiver. In addition, you can remove and install the integrated magnetic top cover structure, battery and receiver only by opening the top cover. So it is easy to disassemble and install. One AA battery can be used for one year. In terms of compatibility, it is applicable to multiple system devices such as Windows, macOS and Chrome OS.

To sum up Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has a minimalist design. Of course, the hand feels good and the keys are very comfortable to press. It is worth mentioning that the mouse cover is magnetic.

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 Key Features

  • Left and right hand symmetrical design;
  • Streamlined shape fits the hand and enjoys a comfortable grip;
  • Integrated magnetic adsorption top cover, easy to disassemble and easy to install;
  • Aluminum alloy anti-skid roller.

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