Xiaomi Yeelight Intelligent Induction High-definition Silver-plated makeup Mirror + 2pcs Night Light Offered for $75.50

Difficult to make up in dark areas? The makeup mirror fills light for you. Get a perfect makeup effect even at night. Simulate natural light technology, creating a truly sophisticated look.

Main Features:

  • Colorrendering index Ra95, turn freely, high-definition silver-plated mirror
  • Built-in 1900mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, working time for 7 days ( in daily mode, 20 minutes per day )
  • 60 lamp beads evenly arranged around, energy-saving and environment-friendly
  • Three modes: daily makeup mode, surprise makeup mode, dating preview mode
  • The diamond polishing process, high-definition silver plating, durable and practical
  • 7-inch mirror, easy to match your criteria
  • Built-in infrared detection sensor It will be bright when you use the mirror, it will automatically turn off after 10 seconds when you went off, and the sensing distance is less than 30 cm.
  • Metal base, light and versatile, more stable
  •  Silicone button and laser pattern design, comfortable to the touch
  • Simulated sunlight / three-speed use mode, three color temperature options / smart sensor / USB charging / one-touch / scientific eye / wireless limit

Natural Lighting to Capture the Fine Details

Whether it is applying makeup in the morning or taking it off at night, the mirror’s high color rendering (Ra95) will help you attain best results. With 60 evenly arranged lamp beads, the mirror provides natural, evenly distributed light for a profession look  

Three lighting modes for different occasions – Skincare ModeSimulate natural sunlight, and is ideal for daily skin care.Makeup ModeThe brighter, cooler lighting helps you see the fine details when applying makeup.Date Night ModeSimulate warm light in the dating restaurant, preparing for a perfect presence before a date night.  

HD Silver-coated Mirror for Maximum Detail

Silver-coated mirrors are much more reflective across the visible spectrum than traditional aluminum-coated mirrors, providing better clarity and color. With minimal borders and eloquent lighting, the mirror has a modern look. Additionally, the mirror even has a rupture membrane attaching to the surface, preventing glass from shattering everywhere in case the mirror is dropped.  

Smart Sensors to Light Up Automatically

When your hands are full with makeup, feeling for switch can be a difficult task. With built-in infrared sensors, the mirror automatically turns on when you sit down in front of it. The mirror automatically turns off after 10 seconds of no detection  

USB Charging

The mirror’s USB charging design has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery that can last 7 to 8make-up sessions on a single charge. Enjoy the mobility and tidy desk that comes with going wireless.  

Where To buy the Xiaomi Yeelight Intelligent Induction High-definition Silver-plated makeup Mirror

The Xiaomi Yeelight Intelligent Induction High-definition Silver-plated makeup Mirror + 2pcs Night Light is currently available for just $75.99 while the makeup.mirror alone is available on Banggood for just $59.99

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