Xiaomi youpin electric heater

Xiaomi Youpin Electric Heater Sold Only For $83.51 [Coupon]

The Xiaomi Youpin Electric Heater has a 2000W high power. It provides a powerful rapid heating. There is no internal fan. So it is working on a principle of natural heating by air circulation. Thus, it has less impact on indoor humidity. This electric heater is sold only for $83.51 after using our coupon.

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Price without coupon: $115.99
Coupon price: $83.51

Xiaomi youpin electric heater

Xiaomi Youpin Electric Heater Design

The side adopts unique and innovative 148 high-efficiency diversion heating ports. It comes with the X-type “European fast” high-efficiency aluminum heating element, providing high-efficiency and rapid heating. Moreover, it has large heat dissipation area. That’s why it provides a strong heat generation immediately after power on.

Xiaomi youpin electric heater

Xiaomi Youpin Electric Heater Power

In addition, it can be switched under the second heating power of 1000W/2000W. The higher the power, the faster the temperature rises. So the low-power mode assists the heating, and the high-power mode provides fast and powerful heating to meet different needs.

Xiaomi Youpin Electric Heater Safety

In terms of safety, when the internal cavity temperature exceeds the safe setting temperature, the power supply automatically stops. At the same time, if the body is accidentally knocked and tilted, the electric heater will automatically cut off the power if the tilt angle is exceeded, making it more secure to use.

Xiaomi Youpin Electric Heater Key Features

  • Strong speed,constant temperature,2000W high power fast heating.
  • The body is not easy to dry, quiet operation.
  • No obvious perceptible airflow, which also has less impact on indoor humidity.
  • High-efficiency diversion hot-spot, which is also delicate and comfortable, warm and foot-to-heart.

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Where To Buy

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