Xiaomi Yuwell 300 Oxygen Concentrators Offered At $243.99 [Coupon]

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream. YUWELL 300 oxygen concentrators are quiet and comfortable. We are offering this oxygen concentrator at the lowest possible price for just $243.99. But, you have to apply the coupon that we suggest to you.

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Price without coupon: $359.28
Coupon price: $243.99

It is a device that helps patients whose blood contains little oxygen. A wide variety of oxygen concentrators are available with different characteristics, one that can be powered by plugging it into a power outlet and the other being portable battery-powered oxygen concentrators. You can easily transport the oxygen concentrator anywhere. So, anywhere, a person travels an oxygen concentrator can be with him. You can also carry it with you to an airplane. The compressor in the oxygen concentrator compresses the air that is filtered through the concentrator and then delivers the air in a continuous form.

Features and necessity

YUWELL Contractor has been able to offer our esteemed patrons the high-quality YUWELL Portable Oxygen concentrator. Furthermore, the YUWELL is the main convenient oxygen concentrator that offers a nonstop flow mode, a pulse dose delivery mode, and a sleep mode, in a device weighing only 9.5 pounds. In addition, the YUWELL POC can convey up to 2 liters for every moment of constant flow oxygen treatment or up to 6 liters for every moment of pulse dose oxygen. One of the most advanced features is the infrared remote control system. On the other hand, it has a detachable filter. It is convenient to replace and clean the filter.

YUWELL 300 Oxygen Concentrators

Our YUWELL Oxygen Concentrator 1LPM (YU 300) is also one of the quietest and smallest stationary concentrators. An oxygen purity sensor is attached to every unit. It is easier to use and delivers up to 1LPM of constant, therapeutic oxygen. Moreover, it is maintenance-free. This oxygen concentrator is designed to work in even the most challenging environments. The concentrator also offers years of continuous and reliable oxygen. You can buy this multi-functional concentrator with unique features such as a cooling system, sieve bed, and oxygen purity monitor at such a low price. This low-priced, ultra-quiet, and high outlet pressure concentrator ensures reliable delivery. So, it’s an ideal choice for use in the home and mobile environments.

YUWELL 300 Oxygen Concentrators

YUWELL 300 Key Features

  • High concentration and stability, can meet the medical level requirements
  • Stability: can work continuously for 480 hours oxygen concentration Compressor Oxygen flow rate Oxygen concentration: 1L can reach more than 99%
  • Compact and portable for vehicle use in the car, enjoy the continuous oxygen supply
  • Compression pump life up to 8000 hours, strong stability

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Where to buy

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