ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 Electric Bicycle Foldable Bike Offered For Just $999.00

The ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 Electric Bicycle Foldable Bike is a modern folding moped electric bike for environmental trips over a considerable distance. This electric bike is constructed from aluminum alloy, strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 120kg. The bike features 250W powerful motor, 25km/h max speed, 25 – 30km electric range, and 45 – 50km range by power assistance. With adjustable seat height, foldable pedals, and collapsible design, this electric bike is very convenient to use.


  • 250W powerful motor offers a fast speed of up to 25km per hour.
  • 25 – 30km range in pure electric mode, 45 – 50km range by power assistance.
  • 6AH lithium battery takes 3 – 4 hours to full charge.
  • Adjustable seat height suits different riders.
  • Suspension system reduces shock for a comfortable ride.
  • Aluminum alloy construction for extreme durability. Max. load: 120kg.
  • Super bright LED headlight and taillight for added safety at night.
  • Collapsible for easy storage and transport.
  • Ideal for urban, commuting, short trip, shopping and daily use.


The ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 Electric Bicycle Foldable Bike is an amazing bike which comes fully assembled. It is made of aluminum alloy making it very slid for any kind of terrain. With this, the bike can comfortably withstand a young man and also an adult. The maximum load the bike can support is 120kg. The bike is embedded with a back and rear light for night driving. The bike has IP54 protection which means the bike is water resistant and also dust resistant. Not forgetting that the bike is foldable, just by lowering the seat and folding the wheel, the bike would comfortably enter the trunk of your car. It is equipped with a 15.75-inch inflatable rubber tire that can run on various grounds.


The ZiYouJiGuang T18 boasts an impressive array of features that makes it an absolute steal at this price. First off, it is powered by a 250W motor that produces a max speed of 25Km. Moreover, this irresistible electric moped draws its juices from a 36V-6AH power lithium battery that can easily last over 40-50km of electric moped mileage on just a single charge. The bike can be pedaled, if you want to climb a steep or have a long climb along the way. The front and back wheel are embedded with a disc brake front and rear.

Where To Buy The ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 Electric Bicycle Foldable Bike

The ZIYOUJIGUANG T18 Electric Bicycle Foldable Bike is currently available on Gearbest for $299.00

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