How To Change The Default Browser On Xiaomi MIUI?

How many of you know that Xiaomi started as a software company? Initially, Xiaomi launched a unique skin for android phones, which is called MIUI (Mi User Interface). Currently, MIUI is the interface for the Mi phones.

How to change the default mi browser

With MIUI, the OS that Xiaomi smartphones run on, you receive a lot of ads quite often. And when it comes to the browser, the Mi Browser comes pre-loaded as the default web browser on all Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI. But recently, there were some privacy-related concerns, which have made people change the default browser app on their Xiaomi smartphones.

So, here are the steps to change the default browser into your favorite one.

  1. On your Xiaomi phone, open Settings and head to the Apps section.
  2. Click on Manage Apps.
  3. On the next page, click the three-dot menu on the top-right corner and select Default Apps.
  4. Tap on Browser and select Chrome (for ex.).

Xiaomi MIUI change default browser

In addition, if you are using the older models of MIUI, your phones may not support the above-mentioned way to switch the default browser. But don’t worry, because we have a solution also for those stuck on MIUI 8 or lower. So, you can change your default browser app by doing the followings

  1. On your Xiaomi phone, open “Settings App”
  2. Now click on “Installed Apps” and click on the gear icon – “Default”
  3. Proceed to select “Browser” from the list and check on Chrome or Firefox or any other third-party browser as your default browser.

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How to stop the link from opening in MI Browser every time?

With any Xiaomi smartphone running MIUI, any link that you want to open will be opened with the default Mi Browser. As sometimes Mi browser is not fast enough, it causes embarrassments among users. And now you can solve the problem by a simple fix. To do this

  1. Long press Mi browser app icon
  2. Tap on the “App info” option
  3. Locate “Clear defaults” and disable it

As a result, each time you want to open a link, you will be notified with a pop-up listing the available links which can open the link.

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