How To Turn Your Xiaomi Phone Into Android TV Remote Control?

Before the TVs got the look what they now have, these boxes were quite bulky and didn’t have remote control. Well, if you were the youngest in your family, you were the remote control. This was a fate that none of us could avoid. But now, everything has become simpler. All TVs come with remote controls and myriads of functions. However, if you have babies, most likely, the remote control will be found in their toy boxes more frequently rather than on the table. As a dad of two girls, I would like to share my solution with you of not depending on the remote control. Here is a simple trick.

How To Install Android TV Remote Control App?

Go to the Play Market on your Android smartphone. Download the Android TV Remote Control app.

Xiaomi phone remote control

It’s 4.58MB in size. So the app won’t take too long to download.

Note: Your phone and your Android TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

On your phone, open the Android TV Remote Control app Android TV Remote.

Tap ‘Accept and Continue’.

Xiaomi phone remote control

It needs permission for a couple of features on your phone. Allow it by tapping ‘Continue’.

Once your TV is successfully discovered, you will see its name on the phone. Tap it!

Xiaomi phone remote control

However, as your phone and your TV will run on different versions of Android or maybe you use iPhone, there may occur difficulties with pairing. Say, if the app doesn’t find your TV, try the following steps:

Download another remote app (we recommend Sure).

Go through the WiFi pairing process. While the new app (Sure) is already paired, pair the Android TV Remote Control app again.

In most cases, this should solve the problem, which seems to be related to the pairing code. So with this move, the new app will generate a new code and solve the problem.

Anyways, once done, a PIN will appear on your TV screen.

Enter the PIN on your phone and tap Pair.

Xiaomi phone remote control

Note: Not all remote control apps recognize Android TV boxes as Android TVs. So if you have turned your regular TV into a smart TV via an Android TV box, you should choose corresponding app that has such a function. For example, the Sure Universal app mentioned above comes with such a function.


Of course, there are tons of Android TV remote control apps and the one above is only one of them. The rest work with the same principle. So it becomes a matter of taste and requirements. But if you still like using remote control, we recommend to use a small sticker (and corresponding app, of course) dubbed Tile.

They are quite small stickers that can be stuck on remote controls, or just about anything else too. So once someone (or even you) misplace it, you can use the Tile app (free) on your smartphone to find it.

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