15% Tariff Policy On Hardware Such As Apple AirPods Takes Effect From Sunday

Recently, according to Bloomberg News, starting this Sunday. Apple including AirPods, Apple Watch, some iMac, HomePod and other products will be affected by the 15% tariff policy. It is reported that this tariff policy will be officially in force in Washington, DC at 12:01 am local time on Sunday. This will affect the US import and export.


The affected Apple devices include the Watch and Watch straps, AirPods, HomePod, some Beats headsets and some iMac products. According to Bloomberg News, in addition to Apple hardware products, even the iPhone’s repair spare parts will be affected. Also, the NAND flash memory used in the iPhone will also be affected.


Earlier, according to Apple analyst Guo Mingxi, he believed that it would “distribute” the new US tariff costs in other ways. Which will include “the short term” rather than by increasing product prices. And there is news that Apple has been expanding its factory in countries such as India and Vietnam. In the long run, this will make Apple’s production line more diversified to avoid excessive dependence on China. Company hopes to increase production channels to offset the impact of tariffs.

Tim Cook recently proposed a “good reason” when he met with Trump. Tariffs would put Apple in a position to be inferior to competitors such as Samsung. After the meeting, Trump : “I think he put forward a very unique view, so I am considering his point of view.

Recently, Company also sent a letter to the Trump administration in June to urge it not to impose tariffs on Apple products.Because this will reduce Apple’s contribution to the US economy and affect its global competitiveness. Trump had previously said that it might “forgive” Apple products before the new tariff policy came into force. However, his recent tweets suggest that this is unlikely to happen.

Since Trump said that tariffs on electronic products such as smartphones and laptops will be postponed until December 15. Right now, this is the only good news for Apple. As for the future development, it will look at the United States. Government related decisions. 

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