mobile banking

52% of users prefer mobile banking and only 11% of users prefer online banking

mobile banking

Mobile banking refers to the use of a smartphone or other cellular device to perform online banking tasks while away from your home computer. The China Financial Certification Center (CFCA) released the “2019 China Electronic Bank Survey Report” at the “2019 Bank Digital Transformation Summit Forum”. There indicated that current electronic banking presents a significant mobile trend.

According to the “2019 China Electronic Bank Survey Report”, the current user habits have been solidified. The proportion of users who prefer mobile banking is nearly 5 times that of preferred online banking, accounting for 52%. While users who do not use mobile banking basically prefer online banking. The share is 11%. In addition, WeChat Bank has become the most frequently used electronic channel.

Zhao Yu, said that a survey of about 80 banks found that 75% of the banks have undergone major revisions in the design of the personal mobile banking interface in the past three years. In addition, 16% of the banks have conducted two consecutive years Overhauled. However, the revision frequency of online banking is relatively low. Basically, the proportion of banks that have not undergone major revision for three consecutive years is 70%.

In terms of satisfaction with the security authentication method, the user’s satisfaction with the fingerprint login is up to 9.3 points. Also, the satisfaction with the face recognition login is 6.8 points (out of 10 points). The user indicates that the fingerprint login is fast. In addition, the recognition is high and the operation is relatively simple. The speed is slow, we need to do actions and our phone needs to be raised, and straightened. These are the three aspects that users are most dissatisfied with face recognition.


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