5g Construction In Europe With Huawei: Austria Will Not Ban

Recently, the UK and EU officially announced that they will not ban Huawei from 5G construction in Europe. Thus, the attitudes of major European countries towards Huawei are basically clear. Now, Austria has also announced the country’s 5G policy, making it clear that it will not exclude Huawei.

According to reports, many operators in Austria are currently launching 5G construction. Austrian Federal Chancellor Kurtz announced that Austria ’s principles have not changed, and it will remain “technology-neutral” and coordinate with the EU. Austria’s 5G extensions have been at the forefront of the European Union. The most important 5G issue is to ensure the security of network expansion and to prevent unilateral dependence on suppliers.

5g Construction In Europe

Prior to Austria, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that they would allow Huawei limited participation in 5G construction in Europe. Britain excludes Huawei from “security-related” and “security-critical” network construction. It is reported that Huawei can only participate in the construction of peripheral networks, with a market share of up to 35%.

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Since then, the EU also released the 5G final decision. Thierry Breton said that the EU agreed to strengthen security needs and assess the risk of the supplier. They also want to consider the highest risk for suppliers to some limit. Therefore, key and sensitive core assets (such as the core network) should be excluded. In addition, some appropriate policies should be formulated to ensure supplier diversity. The EU’s 5G policy does not prohibit Huawei. This policy is not mandatory, so the final decision will give the governments. However, this report should become the standard for most countries in the EU to deal with 5G. That is technology neutrality, which does not exclude any specific manufacturers.


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