5G Era: US Operators Are Eager To Get New Revenue From Network Slicing

In the Mobile World Live interviews, the U.S. operator outlined for the executives of the world how to use network slicing technology to generate new revenue in the 5G era. Currently, the industry is still in for investment in the next generation of technology for business reasons and struggling.

5G Era

The SA-Independent Network slice is about the 5G key characteristics. First of all, it will make them capable of a unique combination of way allocation. besides, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile USA have committed to achieving SA in 2020.

Similarly, Verizon’s Chief Product Development Officer Nikki Palmer(Nicki Palmer) said, in theory, operators can provide a guaranteed bandwidth and latency capabilities for the game player. She listed enterprise and Internet of things use cases in a similar example. She also noted that the slices can provide “in a period”, maybe one hour, one day.

Sprint is responsible for product engineering. Vice President Ryan Sullivan argues that such a scheme represents the excess capacity of the network for income generation opportunities. Besides, the program’s main objectives are the industrial, medical and transport sectors.

Also, AT&T Mobile Business senior Vice President Kevin Petersen noted that a key success factor will be to increase businesses and consumers to 5G and a particular network slice function of awareness. The three companies are said now that to determine the slice price is premature.

It is worth to say, T-Mobile USA wireless network hero and development sector senior Vice President Mark Mike Andy Mead Mark McDiarmid points out: “people talk about these things, but they did not talk about slice the cost and complexity. So, to achieve this, it is necessary to build the architecture”.

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