5G Network Users Reached 4.67 Million In South Korea Last December

Today, according to media reports, South Korea is the first country to launch 5G network commercial services. By the end of last year, the number of 5G users in South Korea is expected to reach 5 mln. The target may not have been reached. In December last year, only 4.67 mln 5G devices were connected.

5G network

It was revealed that South Korea had 4.67 million 5G devices connected in December last year. It was Phil Kendall, an analyst at Strategy Analytics. He stated on Twitter that by December last year, South Korea had 4.67 mln 5G devices connected to the network. The quantity of the 5G devices increased by 313,000 monthly.

According to data provided by Phil Kendall, even if the connected 5G equipment is a manpower, as of December last year, there were only 4.67 million 5G network users in South Korea, which is still a certain distance from 5 million.

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South Korea launched 5G network commercial services for individual consumers on April 3 last year. 69 days after the launch, the number of 5G users reached 1 million. This result is 11 times shorter than the 80 days it took for 4G networks to reach 1 million users.

With the passage of time, 5G users in South Korea also gradually increased, exceeding 2 million in the second week of August (August 4-August 10). Then 5G users exceeded 9 million on September 9 and reached 3.98 million in the month. The September  result was very close to 4 million, and reached 4.3 million in November.


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