According To European Police 5G Will Increase The Difficulty Of Handling Cases

5G technology is obviously great for people’s creativity and lifestyle, but it isn’t always a great thing for the authorities to crack down on crimes. Based on Catherine De Bolle, the president of Europol, once the 5G system is totally on, it is going to be harder for European authorities to follow the defendant’s mobile phone. She said that law enforcement agencies must actively take part in the talk of 5G technology later on.

At the moment, European federal authorities can track and find offenders’ 4G network communicating, however, De Bolle explained that if 4G technology is slowly replaced by 5G community, the EU doesn’t have applicable countermeasures, including the applicable legislation and methods for intercepting suspects. She stated that phone monitoring and monitoring is a very important investigative tool for the authorities. Prospective law enforcement also needs tracking of suspects. Minimized.

With the constant evolution of technologies, cybercrime actions have become increasingly rampant. In this aspect, De Bolle explained that Europol is going to be dedicated to fighting transnational organized crime, terrorism and cybercrime for quite a while.

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