Aipower Wearbud

Aipower Wearbud On CES 2020: Bracelet + True Wireless Headset In One

According to IT Home News, at the CES 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, Aipower displayed its novelty product the Aipower Wearbud. This elegant innovation is a smart product that combines a bracelet and a true wireless headset in one place.

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It is obvious that the Aipower Wearbuds is a very common smart bracelet when viewed from the outside. The strange thing is that you can see the wireless earbuds when you press the sides of the smartwatch. According to the introduction, the bracelet can not only store the earphones but also charge them as well. Therefore, this way, it is not necessary to carry a charging box with you when going out. As a result, it is not easy to lose the charging box or even the earphones.

Aipower Wearbud

The Aipower Wearbuds true wireless headsets use Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology and can use one or two earbuds to make calls. You can tap the side of the headset to adjust the volume, change tracks, play or pause the music. Besides, you can use Google Assistant and Siri or something else by the same motion. In terms of battery life, the Wearbuds can play music for about 5.5 hours. Additionally, you can have the device fully charged in about 90 minutes.

Aipower Wearbud

In addition, the smart bracelet on Aipower Wearbud can record your sleep, steps, calories and heart rate, etc. The latter comes in four colors of white, black, mint and coral. As mentioned the device’s price is 179 US dollars (about 1242 yuan).

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