Huami Delayed the Launch of Amazfit Verge 2 ECG and Avengers Edition

After the launch of the Huami Amaxfit verge 2, the company was to launch the avenger edition and the rumors are that there is delay in the avenger edition.

Huami is a Xiaomi’s ecological chain company to dealing in the smartwatch industry. Recently, it launched the Amazfit Verge 2 smartwatch on July 11 in three variants – a Regular Edition, an Avengers Customized Edition, and an ECG Edition.

The regular version was immediately available for pre-orders. And the rest of the versions will billed at the end of the July.

But now we have come to hear that the company has postponed the launch of the ECG and Avengers edition because of some technical issues.

Huami Faced Some Complexities with the Editions

Huami announced that launch event had been delayed because of the complexity of the ceramic watch technology and processing. The sales couldn’t happen on the scheduled date, but it will announce as soon as it finishes with the issues.

Huami further added that Amazfit products now tend to adopt new technological advancements and industry-leading processes. It aims not only to ensure convenience but also looking forward to coping with the new emerging challenges for our R&D and production as well.

amazfit verge 2 avenger version

As we know the Amazfit Verge 2 comes with microcrystalline zirconium ceramics to ensure toughness and durability of the material. Moreover, it adopts the nanometer fineness and refractive index to make the watch unique and eye-catching. Oversell, the smartwatch is quite a useful device for multi-purpose and party wearing.

The manufacturer said that the ceramic body takes 35 days for precision processing to wet through 24 challenging tests. We hope Huami will speed up the manufacturing process to serve the users as soon as possible.

Lets’ wait for further announcements from the company. It will be better to serve the fan-base with better user-experience after the refinements. Therefore, it is worth waiting for.

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