8 Most Useful Apps For Xiaomi Smartphone Users 2021

The strength of smartphones lies in the ability to run useful apps. Xiaomi makes some of the best and most powerful smartphones. But not all apps run smoothly on them. Check out our list of the Most Useful Apps For Xiaomi Smartphone Users  to find out why and which of them you should install and use. We have really had a varied experience with the Xiaomi recommended apps. While Xiaomi does offer some of the better stock apps on the market, they are not the best ones.

App developers working on apps for a specific purpose have a better knowledge of coming up with the best features. We also have always been baffled by how featureless and bland most stock apps are. So we started researching apps that can do more than just work. We compiled this list of apps that are essential and offer a better experience for Xiaomi phones. These are not just the best apps for Xiaomi phones, they are also the best apps for any android phone.

After having reviewed all the apps recommended by Xiaomi based on various factors like UI/UX, features, function, usage, price and much more; our team zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. These 8 were put through a series of tests to determine the best and most useful. We found that the best app for Xiaomi Phones is Nova Launcher. This launcher works perfectly with MIUI’s personalization feature. The user can essentially use this app to create your own custom made app launcher. Users can create layouts, themes and sub-grid positioning of apps.

Are Xiaomi Apps Safe?

Xiaomi phones in general have a good firewall that prevents data leakage. The MIUI updates also ensure that the security is up to date. While there are some apps that tend to collect data for market research, the majority are safe as they cannot break into your personal data.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher has been right at the forefront of the best Android launcher since its introduction. The number of options and features to customize any Android phone makes it one of the best Android launchers ever. What makes it a great match for Xiaomi phones is because not everyone is a fan of the MIUI launcher.

With Nova Launcher, you can make your Xiaomi phone look like a Galaxy device, a Pixel Device or even a Xiaomi device. With so many options, themes, and customizations to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming, but agree the more options, the better.

Features like custom layouts, themes and sub-grid positioning of apps, allows you to craft a truly unique launcher. If you want your Xiaomi phone to stand in terms of personal experience, then a launcher is a must and Nova Launcher is the best you can get in the world of launchers.


Xiaomi phones are camera beasts. This means that you will be shooting a lot of pictures on your Xiaomi phone because it really knows how to do it. But you will eventually need to edit a lot of pictures just to add some more flair before you can post them on social media or share them with your friends. And one of the best photo editors for any smartphone is Snapseed from Google themselves.

Snapseed is a photo editor that is powerful giving you control over a ton of options that turn a photo into an amazing photo. With over 25 tools like the Curves tool, Healing Tool, Exposure control and more, you can tweak your pictures in detail and make them look the best they can. And there are also style presets, that makes for a quick edit.

Snapseed also allows you to save edited pictures, export them or even share them to social media directly from the app itself making it a complete and versatile photo editor.

Microsoft Office

Phones are powerful little devices that can do more than just calling or using social media and Xiaomi phones are some of the most powerful phones at any given price point. Phones can get work done and Xiaomi phones are particularly good at this with their powerful processor and copious amount of RAM. Speaking of processors, you will need a word processor along with other office software for all your work needs. And the biggest player in office software Microsoft also makes the best for Android phones. The Microsoft Office app integrates all of the productivity apps from Microsoft giving you easy access to your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in an instant.

useful Apps

You can also edit and create a new file on your Xiaomi phone with ease. While there are a lot of Office suite apps, Microsoft still delivers the best solution which works any time you need it too.

Norton App Lock

With phones increasingly becoming our primary and go-to device for almost all computing needs, everyone must focus on privacy too. With a lot of photos, videos, files, banking apps, emails and more on our phones, a good app locker is vital for the safety of your information.

Norton is a big player in the world of digital security. And their Norton App Lock is a great tool for you to lock down your phone and individual apps too. You can use different passwords for different apps improving security even further.

AppsThe Break-in feature works like a charm, it captures a picture of the person if there are 3 failed attempts at any password. It is a completely free app with a simple interface making it one of the best if not the best app locker for Xiaomi phones.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Amazing cameras produce amazing videos, this is true with Xiaomi phones. So, if you are a filmmaker, along with an excellent camera, here your Xiaomi phone, you will need a powerful video editor. Every budding filmmaker would have heard of Adobe for their excellent suite of creative software. With their prowess in the desktop side of things, Adobe is trying to take a hold of the smartphone side of things too.

Adobe Premiere Rush is excellent video editor with features that is trickled down from the more powerful Premiere Pro on desktops. The app is easy to navigate, with a lot of options to tweak your videos with, edit and stitch videos together. You can also add a soundtrack making a whole film right from your Xiaomi phone making it one of the best apps. The constant updates and addition of more new features only make it better over time.

Solid Explorer File Manager

While the in-built File manager of Xiaomi phones is not bad, it is not perfect either. If you are looking for alternatives or something more robust, then Solid Explorer is one of the best apps for any android smartphone.

It features a clean and simple Ul that allows you to access and organize files easily. Features like accessing and extracting compressed files make it great for work. You can also hide files and access them when needed to improve privacy. It is great for any smartphone and is a must-have for Xiaomi phones if you feel that Xiaomi’s file manager is not enough for you.

SMS Manager by Microsoft

Even if Messaging is not so popular for personal uses, many people widely use it for a lot of things. From something trivial like carrier messages to extremely personal like bank information, messages are the primary source for them. And messages almost always just work and you don’t have to worry about internet connectivity.

useful Apps

The messaging app from Google is good, but have you tried the SMS Manager by Microsoft? Try it and you will download it for every Xiaomi phone you own and for all of your friends and family too. It is simply perfect for a messaging app with a host of useful features.

The grouping of messages depending on the type works like a charm allowing you to navigate and find important messages easily. The interface is pleasing and it even comes with a money manager allowing you to keep track of your balances. It is great if you want more than just a message receiver and sender making it a must-have app for Xiaomi devices.

The VLC Media Player

Xiaomi Phones are entertainment beasts with excellent screens and amazing speakers. They are a pocket media powerhouse, but like almost all operating systems, Android lacks a good built-in video player, in fact, the built-in player sucks, to be honest.Apps

This is where the VLC media player comes in, one of the best video players on Windows and Macs is also the best on Android phones.

The VLC media player can do everything you ask from a media player, it can run almost any music/video format. It can add and sync, audio tracks, subtitles and more. It has an equalizer that lets you improve or tweak the audio quality to your liking. You can also manage all your media right from the app itself. And best of all it is free and constantly updated. It is one of the best apps for any smartphone, making it great for Xiaomi phones too.

Final Thoughts

Apps are what make or break the experience on a smartphone. Broken apps lead to an underwhelming experience and can frustrate you a lot. On the other hand, the best apps can put a smile on your face knowing that you are getting the best experience and they will work correctly every single time. The above are some of the best apps for any smartphone making them the best apps for Xiaomi phones too. They take advantage of the processing power and intelligence of Xiaomi phones and put them to use offering you an experience unlike any. So, what are you waiting for, install them on your Xiaomi phones and you are bound to have a far greater experience with them.

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