A Warning Sign in a Sightseeing Town in Italy: Don’t Use Google Maps

Because too many tourists use Google Maps to navigate lost. An Italian town has erected a sign prohibiting the use of Google Maps.

Salvatore Corrias, the mayor of Baunei, Italy, said in an interview. “Too many cars and small cars are stuck on impassable roads, sometimes even off-road vehicles”. “All these It’s all because of the advice of Google Maps, which often misleads people in our place”.

The town of Baunei is located on the island of Sardinia and is known for its rugged coastal mountain landscapes. However, when visitors use Google Maps to navigate while driving. They quickly discover that they are entering a narrow, pedestrian-only path that cannot be turned around.

The mayor said that in the past two years, the fire brigade received a total of 144 first-aid notifications. The last time two tourists drove to visit the famous Baisha Bay, unfortunately stuck in a narrow path.

In order to solve this problem, the town began to place a sign on the road labeled “Do not follow the instructions of Google Maps”.

The town also tried to correct the problem from the source, because some foreign residents may still ignore the sign.

The mayor said that we contacted Google and they replied that they would verify, but we still did not see anything specific.

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