Android 11 R

Android 11 R New Features Exposed

Android 11 R

According to news XDA Developers found luca020400 called “perceived Bluetooth flight mode” feature in AOSP Gerrit in. This feature allows the user not to turn off Bluetooth when Airplane mode is turned on. While the Bluetooth A2DP device or hearing device is connected.

According to the reports, “A2DP” is a media streaming profile for most Bluetooth headsets and headphones. It seems to mean that this feature is only available when connects to Bluetooth audio devices. XDA claims that this feature is expects to be available in the next large version of Android 11 R. This is a “small feature” for those users who do not use Bluetooth often. However, for those who frequently travel by air and frequently use Bluetooth, it can be described as It’s the gospel.

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