Apple iOS 13 Developer Preview Beta 4 Offers New Exciting Features

Yesterday we posted about the Apple WatchOS 5.3 updates and today again, the company has pushed the latest iOS 13, iPadOS 13 developer preview Beta 4 system update. According to the developers, the updates are going to bring a lot of new improvements to its users.

We have arranged all the significant features you can expect from Apple iOS 13 Developer Preview Beta 4 Update:

• Now with the iPad OS and iOS’s smaller home screen interface, when you press and hold the app button, a new “Reorder App” option will appear.

Apple iOS 13

A brand new voice message icon in the message;

Apple iOS 13 update

• New slightly adjusted shared menu design with translucent background and whiter buttons;

Apple iOS 13 update

▲beta 4 (left) beta 3 (right)

•Now the tvOS 13 beta 4 adds automatic playback;

Apple iOS 13 update

• A new animation while sharing images;

•With the latest Apple iOS 13 updates, now you can also use different accessories for each ear (only one AirPod is used) in Memoji.

• Improved 3D Touch performance.

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