Apple Notebook Touch Bar Can Be Used to “Raise” Electronic Pets

Apple Notebook Touch Bar

Apple officially launch the 16-inch MacBook Pro notebook in mid-November. The screen has become larger, and some features of the keyboard have also been improved. There have also been some changes to the Touch Bar of the keyboard. The “ESC” keys and “Touch ID” are independent.

Recently, a click-type casual game called “Touch Bar Pet” is very popular. You can “keep” electronic pets on the Touch Bar of Apple notebooks.

Apple Notebook Touch Bar

The pet on Touch Bar Pet is orange and looks more like a kitten. This electronic pet only needs to eat, sleep and play, and interact with a few clicks on the Touch Bar with its fingers. You need to feed your electronic pet when it is hungry, but eating too much will cause the health of the electronic pet to decline or even “dead”.

It is understood that electronic pets have appeared a few decades ago. For the recent “Touch Bar Pet”, some netizens said that the group of people who played Tamako when they were young has now grown up.

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