Black Shark 3 Series Will Be Getting JOY12.5 Update By The End Of The Month

Today, Black Shark officially announced that the Black Shark 3 series will be getting the JOYUI 12.5 update in full at the end of this month. The new version supports 5G SA, intelligent Cube, 2.0 barrage notice, MIUI 12.5 tablet mode and so on.

Black Shark pointed out that the new version also supports new control methods and auxiliary line functions, and brings a new game space and game assistants.

The complete changelog of JOYUI 12.5 includes:

  • Support 5G SA function
  • Support Shark Sauce
  • Support Smart Cube
  • Support barrage notification 2.0
  • Support tablet mode
  • New control method and auxiliary line function
  • New visual upgrade of game space and game assistant
  • Support MIUI12.5

Upgrade plan

  • Early Access: May 31
  • Full release: June 30

The Black Shark 3 series models were launched in March last year.  They sport the Snapdragon 865 processor, UFS3.0 flash memory, up to 12GB LPDDR5 memory and many more. As for the battery, the vanilla version comes with a 4720mAh battery, which supports 65W charging and 18W back magnetic charging. The company proves it can charge 780mAh in 15 minutes, and the battery will have 100% power in 38 minutes. As for the Pro variant, it supports 65W wired fast charging. The 5000mAh capacity battery can be fully charged in 38 minutes. Thus, both have the same charging time. But the manufacturer explains that because the larger Black Shark 3 Pro can provide better heat dissipation, the charging speed is faster.

Black Shark 3

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