Fighting Spam, Firefox Will Hide the Notification Pop-Up in the Browser by Default

In order to combat spam ads and improve network health, Firefox will default to pop-up notifications in browsers starting with version 72. Which we expect to be release in January 2020.

In April of this year, Mozilla conducts an experiment to understand how users interact with web notifications. Different methods to prevent excessive intrusion of notifications also get studies. The survey results show that the vast majority (97%) of Firefox users have choose tp decline notifications. Moreover, most of them wants to completely block the site from displaying notifications.


Therefore, Mozilla engineers decide to start from Firefox 72, hide the notification pop-up window from the Firefox URL bar.They intend to add a notification icon in the URL bar instead. The new notification icon will add a swing animation to inform the user of the subscription notifications they can be view. The user needs to manually click the icon to notify the pop-up window.

Notification pop-ups first appears in Chrome 22 and Firefox 22 browsers in 2012 and 2013, along with the Notifications API. It was originally intended to allow websites to display notifications and to alert new content when users close the site’s tags.

But in recent years, this feature has gradually been exploited by malicious websites. The Notifications API has become an ideal way to push spam links to users. What has been plague by computer-based pop-up ads. Today, they are replace by spam notifications in browsers.

According to Jérôme Segura, Malwarebytes malware analyst, “Removing already allowed notifications is actually much easier than cleaning up infected computers”. Obviously browser manufacturers are already aware of the risks of this feature. Most browsers have added settings to prevent websites from displaying notifications. But only Mozilla takes the lead in action, blocking notification pop-ups by default.

This notification pop-up blocker has will add to the Firefox Nightly version. The stable version will wait until January next year. You can currently unsubscribe from receiving notifications from your site through the “Settings” section of any browser. Most browsers support the search feature in the Settings section, which users can use to search for the Notifications option and block or unsubscribe from certain sites.

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