Google Camera 8.2: Long Press Shutter To Quickly Record Video

Google Camera has recently launched 8.2.204 version. The new version adds functions such as fast recording. In the latest version of the app, users can long press the shutter button to record video on the photo page, and slide up to quickly zoom.

This feature was first introduced by the Google Camera version 7.1 that comes with the Google Pixel 4. At present, other Android phones can also download the latest Google Camera App for a similar experience.

Update details

The biggest change we’ve discovered in Google Camera 8.2 is a major revamp to taking videos by pressing and holding the shutter button. In previous versions, this long-press simply started a video recording. But with the latest update, you can now slide your finger in one direction to control zoom or slide it a different way to “lock” the recording. After you press and hold the camera button, the video recording will start after about half a second. And it will stop when you release your finger. On the other hand, if you long press and then slide to the left, you can lock the recording button, so that the user will still keep recording after releasing it.

If you press and hold the button and then swipe up, you can quickly zoom in while recording a video.

Thus, we can understand that this small feature is convenient for recording video at the fastest speed in an emergency. In addition, the new version of Google Camera also brings night vision effects in portrait mode and camera mode. You can turn on this function without switching to night vision mode in advance.

So far, we’ve only confirmed the update to have arrived on a Pixel 5. But owners of the Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a, and more hopefully shouldn’t have too long to wait.

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