Google Photos Vulnerability Allows Iphone to Store Original Images for Free, Google Said It Will Fix

After the release of Pixel 4, it was surprising that it did not have the same free original quality photo backup qualification on Google Photos as its predecessors. Later, some people discovered that the new iPhones have unlimited original quality backup qualifications because they use the HEIC format. In response to this, Google confirmed that the situation was true, but this is a “wrong” and will be resolved.

Netizen stephenvsawyer said that the iPhone currently saves photos in a new highly efficient compressed HEIC format. That is very smaller than Google’s JPEG compression format. Once you upload these images to Google Photos. You don’t need to compress them from the original quality to high quality JPEGs because they are already smaller than JPEG. Therefore, iPhone users can actually save snapshots to their original size for free.

Google confirmed that this is indeed the case. A Google spokesperson said: “We already know this error and are working hard to fix it.”

But it’s not clear what solution Google will come up with. It will start charging for HEIC image backups. Even if they are small and don’t take up too much space. Will it still force these images to be reconverted to compressed JPEGs? Still compress them further in HEIC format?

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