Google’s Chronicle Merge into Google Cloud

In early 2018, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announce its newly establish subsidiary the Chronicle. Its aim is to develop a digital “immune system” for users and achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in network security. But Chronicle, one of Google’s brothers, had its original mission not completed and was already dead.

The promise made by Chronicle was exciting. It claims that Chronicle will use machine learning and Alphabet’s secure telemetry data to get a near-total grasp of malware and Internet infrastructure status. And to use Chronicle to help the company’s security team discover possible. Threatening the intrusion of corporate networks. More importantly, according to Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett, Chronicle will remain independent from Google.

“We want to increase the speed and impact of security teams by a factor of 10. Making them easier, faster, and more cost-effective when capturing and analyzing safety signals. Previously, this work was too difficult and expensive. Gillette said in a blog post announcing the establishment of Chronicle. “We know that this task will take years, but we are committed to this task”.

It was not clear at the time what Chronicle would look like. However, industry observers are excited to believe that Chronicle will revolutionize the cybersecurity industry. Which is full of relatively old technologies such as antivirus and firewalls.

However, only a year and a half after the establishment of Chronicle, Chronicle incorporates into Google’s cloud division. Some employees felt that Chronicle was abandon and Chronicle’s original vision was in shelve. According to the website Motherboard, Chronicle’s CEO and Chief Security Officer (CSO) have left, the CTO will also leave later this month, and other employees will also withdraw.

“Chronicle is dead,” a current Chronicle employee told Motherboard. “Gillette and Google killed it.”

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