How To Install Google Camera On Xiaomi Mi 11 Series Phones | Gcam APK

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra provides the best camera according to DXoMark. But we have heard that many users still complain of its camera in certain scenarios. On the other hand, Google Camera (aka Gcam) is considered to be one of the best camera apps on the market. It brings the best features of the Pixel phones to the non-Pixel devices. That’s why though many top products sport a great camera, many users still prefer Gcam over the stock camera app. If you belong to the smartphone users that can be included into both groups, this article is for you. If not, this article could still be very useful. We mean it’s an ideal chance to try out the Gcam app.

In fact, the Google Camera we are offering you can be downloaded and installed on any model from the Xiaomi Mi 11 series. We mean the same method described below can be used on all models from the Mi series, including the Mi 11, Mi 11i, Mi 11 Lite, Mi 11 Ultra/Pro.

What Is Google Camera Port?

Google Camera is a software coming pre-loaded in the Pixel smartphones. Google has worked on it for years and it seems the tech giant has made a great camera app with many algorithms that will ensure the best photo output.

So when talking about the Google Camera port, we should understand it is the same software available for all other smartphones designed by other vendors. In all these cases, we say APK, which stands for “Android Package”.

Generally talking, in those cases when you own a smartphone that comes with outstanding camera specs, you can always get the most by using the Gcam APK. In fact, the latter has a noticeable picture quality difference. Plus, the Google Camera has a refined interface. The latter helps anyone use it with no cost. Thus, even opening for the first time, you will use it as professional.

Most Useful Google Camera Features

Though Google Camera has tons of useful features, there are some that stand out.


Actually, HDR feature is available in almost all flagship phones. When the HDR is open, the phone takes multiple shots instead of one. Those shots have varying exposure levels. So gathering more data, the phone created better photos. Of course, it can do this due to complex algorithms.

Google Camera HDR+

In this sense, Google Camera’s HDR+ captures a bunch of pictures and processes them later. But it takes several underexposed shots and merges them through algorithms that are trained on a massive dataset of labeled photos.

Night Sight

As the name implies, when this mode is active, Google Camera will take amazing photos even if there is no light at all.

google camera night sight

When you activate the feature, the phone takes numerous shots at a bunch of exposure settings. After, though various algorithms, it gathers all the necessary information to create the best night shot.

Super Res Zoom

With this feature, Google Camera tries to solve the problem of digital zoom found on almost all smartphone cameras. As a result, the app provides up to 2x digital zoom without compromising any details.

google camera super res zoom

Here is how it works. The camera captures multiple shots at various angles. Then it utilizes all that data to capture a photograph with far more details.

Portrait Mode

That’s not a secret that many of the smartphone vendors put an additional sensor for depth-sensing. But Google Camera allows achieving the same results through software. For this, the app takes a normal photo with HDR+. Then, it recognized the primary object with the help of Google’s trained neural networks. Due to the technology called Dual Pixel, Google Camera sees the edges and doesn’t mess them up. This also helps the app evaluate the distance between the background and foreground. At the end, it blurs everything but the primary object.

Google camera portrait mode

Top Shot

Starting from the Pixel 3, the Google Camera app got a net feature known as Top Shot. It allows users to take the best photos, as the name suggests. For this, it captures up to 90 images 1.5 seconds before and after you tap the shutter key. S there will be at least one photo with the best details.

How To Install Google Camera 8.1 On Xiaomi Mi 11 Models?

Download Google Camera APK

If you have already installed any third-party APK file, then you won’t face any difficulties. If not, just follow the instructions.

  • First, enabled the Unknown Sources option on your Xiaomi smartphone. For this, go to the device Settings menu > Security/Privacy > Enable it.
  • Go to the File Manager app and tap on the downloaded GCam APK file.
  • It will initiate the package installer interface > Tap on Install.
  • The app will start installing and once it’s done, tap on Open to start using it.
  • That’s all, folks.

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