How to Remotely Screen Record Facebook / Snapchat / Instagram On Xiaomi Phones?

Actually, parents always try to look up ways to keep an eye on their children. So their quest often leads them to the best Android spy apps or the iOS alternatives available in the market. So, today’s article is all about how to screen record IM apps (Instant Messenger) remotely for Android devices, especially Xiaomi phones.

How to remotely spy on Xiaomi phones

Spy Apps or Screen Recording Apps

Most people will generally think that a screen recording app would be perfect. But no, it will be useless because we need to record the IM apps remotely. It means that you could not:

  • Access the target phone directly.
  • Let the user(s) (your children) know about it.

And with a screen recording app, you do not get all the features you require. Because again you are not able to:

  • Record someone else’s mobile screen but only your own phone’s screen.
  • Do any kind of screen recording remotely (even when you are successful in physically installing the app on the target phone).
  • Access any screenshots or recording because everything is saved in the target mobile’s local storage.
  • Stop the user(s) from uninstalling the app. As they are not completely hidden on a target smartphone.

So, to have ability to secretly record Xiaomi phones’ screens and monitor their in-app activities, you need to get one of the best Android spy apps such as XNSPY.

What Can Spy Apps Do Differently?

Unlike normal phone screen recording apps, you get all the remote monitoring options with current-day mobile spying tools. They are in a league of their own. Most spyware is capable of capturing screenshots or enable the phone’s screen recording remotely. Isn’t it exactly what you need right now? So use similar spyware apps to get screen recording from anywhere. As long as your phone and the target mobile are connected to the internet.

First You Require a Spyware for Android

Xnspy aims to give you remote control of the target device by fetching information from it IM apps such as call logs, texts, emails, chats taking place on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and other popular platforms. It even gives you the control to track GPS location and social media activities of the user if they have an account on Tinder or Instagram. This tool can also be used to record device surroundings and monitors specific activities once the user defines the keywords such as names, numbers, and locations.

The information collected through this spy software is easy to access from any internet ready device. Everything is uploaded to your personal Xnspy web account for you to review whenever you need. All of this is done stealthily without your target ever knowing about it. Remember, you need one-time access to the device you wish to monitor in order to install the spy app. Once the app is installed, you are all set to lay your eyes on the target’s activities. The app is a pioneering entity in the industry that offers a complete suite of features for concerned parents. And one of those features allows you to take screenshots of the monitored phone discreetly.

 With XNPSY you Can record screens for IM Apps Such As:

  • Facebook (App and Messenger): You can read all chats in the Facebook Messenger app and even take its screenshots without their notice.
  • Instagram: You can view all photos uploaded through their android device(s) on their Instagram accounts. Again taking remote screenshots is possible.
  • Tinder: Reading all inbox messages and chat is enabled for Tinder along with the feature of capturing screenshots.
  • WhatsApp: A leading IM apps that everyone uses these days. And you can read all the messages/chats, call logs, and photos shared within it on a target mobile using the XNSPY Android phone spy app.
  • Kik Messenger: Viewing all messages received or sent through KIK messenger is within the app’s monitoring abilities.
  • Skype & Viber: Similarly, these two IM apps can also be accessed to check all messages, photos, and call logs.

Before You Invest In a Spy App, Read This

It’s very obvious that you will need a spy app to track a certain person’s activities. Before getting started with spying, you must determine which phone logs do you intend to spy on, i.e. either their text messages, location, social media, call logs or what? Then, plan out how you are going to access the target phone. It would take 5 to 10 minutes to install the app. If you are a first-time user, the installation could take up to 15 minutes.

Essentials to Keep in Mind before buying a Spy App

  • Physical access: First things first, to install a spy app, you will need physical access to the Android phone. Some spy apps have a prerequisite that you must root the Android phone to be able to use the app and that must be done before even installing the app.
  • Remove the traces of the app: It’s a vital step if you want to keep your spying mission discreet. It usually depends on the framework of the monitoring software. All reputed companies give you the option to hide their app icon on the target smartphone

How to Use Spy Apps to Record Xiaomi Phone Screens Remotely?

Once you have subscribed to XNSPY services, you will receive login credentials to their website, their Android phone monitoring app, and its installation guide in your email. Then you can follow the installation guide or these steps to successfully install the app on the target phone.

  1. Subscribe to Xnspy for Android. You will receive an email containing the download link to Xnspy, activation code and a guide to set up your Xnspy web account.
  2. You must have physical access to the target phone to use the provided link to download and install Xnspy. While you are installing the app, you will be given the option to hide the icon of the app. Then wait for 24 to 48 hours to log into your Xnspy web account. Xnspy needs some time to transfer the data from the Android phone to its server and then the user’s web account.
  3. Now log into from your computer or use the Xnspy Dashboard App (it’s available on Play Store for free) to log into your web account from your Android phone.
  4. You will be taken to the dashboard of Xnspy that contains all the controls displaying data from the Android device organized at one place under different tabs.
  5. You can now spy on Android from your computer or phone discreetly.

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