In Addition to Miui for Watch, Xiaomi Watch Will Also Have a Dedicated App Store

MIJIA official said that Xiaomi watches will use the open watch ecosystem, named MIUI For Watch. However, since it is a watch ecosystem, how can I do without an app store? Mijia MIJIA official just announced that Xiaomi watches will have exclusive app stores.

This morning, Qu Heng, the general manager of Xiaomi’s ecological chain, also showed the video of “B Station” with Xiaomi Watch. In addition, you can also see Xiaomi Watch and other applications such as Vibrato, Alipay and WeChat.

According to previous reports, in terms of configuration. The official said that the millet watch will equip with a high-performance CPU. Equip with independent linear motor and independent speakers, built-in large-capacity battery, support for independent Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. Independent GPS, independent NFC and eSIM virtual card, processing. The device is equip with the Qualcomm Xiaolong Wear 3100.

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