Huawei Mate 20

In Q1 Of Next Year Huawei Mate 20 Series Will Upgrade To EMUI11

Starting from September 10, Huawei has promoted the adaptation of EMUI11 to existing models. It includes not only new models such as the P40 series and Mate 30 series, but also past classic models, such as the Huawei Mate20 series. According to Huaweicentral reports, Huawei will launch the official version of EMUI11 adapted to the Mate 20 series in Q1 of next year.

Huawei Mate 20

In addition, the Mate 20 RS Porsche design back adopts a track-style flat design, using luxury-grade hand-processed imported cowhide material. The leather and glass are blended together, and the handle is delicate and noble. At the same time, the rear three cameras are with Porsche four-point lights design. The fuselage is available in black and red colors, and the visual effect is very tall.

All three models of the HUAWEI P40 series have a “quad-curved overflow screen”. The curvature of the screen is processed. In terms of screen, the HUAWEI P40 has a 6.1-inch screen with 2340×1080 resolution. The P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ have a 6.58-inch screen with a resolution of 2640×1200 pixels.


At present, the EMUI11 adaptation to the Huawei Mate 20 series has begun internal testing. It covers four models of Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X (4G), and Mate 20 RS Porsche Design. According to reports, EMUI11 will bring a smoother operating experience to this series of models, as well as features such as AOD off-screen display and smart multiple windows. It is worth noting that Huawei P30 series will also fully update EMUI11 in the first quarter of next year. However, with the acceleration of EMUI11 adaptation and testing speed, it will be the possibility that the official version of EMUI11 of these two models will be launched in advance.

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