It Is the Safest! Microsoft Launches New Windows 10 Security Core PC

Microsoft today announced the launch of the Secured-core Secure Core PC. The most secure Windows 10 device available with integrated hardware, firmware, software and identity protection. Windows OEMs must meet the stringent security requirements outlined by Microsoft to qualify for this certification. These new security core PCs target customers working in the most data-sensitive industries such as government, financial services and healthcare.

Highlights of the security core PC:

  • The Windows 10 protected core PC uses the hardware-based security of modern CPUs to boot the system into a trusted state. Preventing advanced malware from tampering with the system and attacking at the firmware level.
  • Once the CPU safely boot, the operating system can be in control. The code integrity enforce by the hypervisor ensures that all code in the operating system kernel is trusted.
  • The user then uses Windows Hello to securely log in. 2Credential Guard ensures isolation and protection of identity and domain credentials in a secure VBS environment.

Various Windows OEMs (including Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and Microsoft Surface) will provide secure core PCs.

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