Nvidia Cuda

Macbook Users Note: Nvidia Cuda Platform Will No Longer Support Apple MacOS

Nvidia Cuda

Users intends to use NVIDIA to play games on Apple MacBook players may cry. According to foreign media reports NVIDIA mention in the recently release documentation that CUDA 10.2 will be the last CUDA application supporting macOS program. In other words, future CUDA drivers will no longer support Apple devices.

What is Nvidia Cuda?

Nvidia Cuda is Nvidia’s proprietary parallel computing platform that allows programs to make better use of Nvidia hardware, and its presence allows programs such as Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects to achieve better performance, even in certain games (such as Just Cause 2). ) can also have better performance. Because AMD’s GPUs can’t support CUDA, some professionals who rely on the macOS platform often complain about Apple’s long-term use of AMD’s GPUs.

However, the performance of the AMD 7nm graphics card used in the 16-inch version of the Apple MacBook Pro is strong, and AMD has developed very rapidly in recent years. The impact is not great at present.

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