MIUI 12 Camera App Overhauled Completely

Before Xiaomi officially released MIUI 12, the new camera features had been shown. Today, Xiaomi also detailed the overall design optimization ideas adopted for the new MIUI 12 camera.

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According to Xiaomi’s official disclosure, the focus of MIUI12 on the camera revision is ‘flexibility’. In the past, the camera function on the shutter can now be customized. Users can keep only the ones they are used to, and put the rest together.

Order your favorite functions randomly


Incorporate unused functions into ‘More’

The color of the camera interface can also be customized. Xiaomi officially uses the most neutral yellow as the default color of the camera. Yellow is also the system color of many SLR cameras. And it can best represent the professionalism of photography.

The shutter sound also has different sound effects: mechanical, literary, and retro film-like, giving each ‘click’ a different taste.

In addition to the flexible interface, in order to allow users to quickly and accurately find the functions they need, the new MIUI 12 camera is also ‘simpler’. The company redesigned the camera menu in the upper right corner. All the options that users need to adjust instantly can be displayed in one step.


In addition, Xiaomi official made a special design for “full-frame”: when cut to full-frame, the entire camera interface is filled, at this time all the upper and lower menus and buttons also increase the transparency, and the shutter button becomes hollow. The advantage is that when the user is aiming at the view, there is no obstruction, just like holding a free and transparent “frame”, pressing the shutter, the frame is what you see, what you see is what you get.


All function buttons of MIUI 12 have been redrawn, and users can recognize the desired function through visual symbols more quickly.

In terms of ‘details’, Xiaomi MIUI12’s new camera highlights the ‘realism’ of the design.


Various buttons, including the shutter button, zoom axis, function switch, professional mode adjustment, and others can give users the feeling of touching and swiping with entities in the physical world.

Quick button and slide shaft of zoom axis

Xiaomi MIUI 12’s new camera has also been perfectly adapted to horizontal screen shooting. When the phone is turned over, all the parameters and settings are also turned over. The user can also adjust the parameters without twisting his neck.

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