MIUI 12 Development Version Based on Android 11 For Xiaomi Mi 10/Pro Released in Advance

According to official Xiaomi community news, in order to satisfy some senior enthusiasts to try out Android 11 now, the MIUI12 development version based on Android 11 has been released in advance for the Xiaomi Mi 10\Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

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In terms of adaptation risks, according to the official introduction, after upgrading to the Android 11 version, some applications may have incompatibility problems and are not suitable for daily use. It is recommended that you upgrade carefully and back up the data in advance. It is not recommended to downgrade to the Android 10 version after the upgrade. There is an unknown risk of downgrade, which may cause the device to be unusable. Before upgrading, please make sure that the system structure and files have not been modified (including not flashing/installing unofficial roots/resources, etc.). Also, use the official recovery upgrade (not through third parties recovery upgrade version), otherwise there may be risks of abnormal booting.


The official community also reminded that there are many unstable factors in the internal test version in advance. So it is not recommended that the main machine users upgrade the internal test version. Please, make sure that the models/versions participating in the upgrade are consistent with the information filled in when applying for the internal test.

Zhang Guoquan, director of Xiaomi’s smartphone system software department, said that MIUI 12 based on Android 11 will be released soon. Google released Android 11 Beta in the middle of this month. It optimized the ‘dialogue’ item in the notification, the bubble notification, and the smart home controls in the power menu.

MIUI 12 Development Version Known Issues:

  1. The status bar shows some problems
  2. The camera night view function cannot be used
  3. Xiaoai voice assistant does not support voice wake-up
  4. Temporarily does not support the long screenshot function
  5. Does not support the Xiaomi mutual transmission function
  6. Temporarily does not support one-key switch
  7. The sun screen of some machines does not take effect
  8. Probably failed to upgrade the application in the application store.


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