MIUI 12 To Bring Deep Color Mode 2.0

This morning, Xiaomi announced that it will hold the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G new product & MIUI 12 conference on April 27. The highlight of this handset is the quad-camera on the back, which supports 50x zoom.

As said, Xiaomi will also release the MIUI 12 system. By the way, the MIUI official team has also showed the poster of MIUI12. The slogan is ‘touch imagination, feel the reality’.

It is expected that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite will debute the MIUI 12 system for the first time. We have learned that MIUI 12 will further improve the global dark mode, including non-linear inverse color algorithm to adapt to more applications of the dark mode.

Also, MIUI revealed the new features of MIUI 12: deep Color mode 2.0.

According to Xiaomi, Dark Mode 2.0 will have three characteristics:

  1. Global coverage: 42 system applications are deeply adapted, 20 mainstream applications are deeply customized for MIUI, and a large number of three-party applications now support nonlinear inversion algorithms.
  2. Powerful non-linear inverse color algorithm: It can accurately identify interface elements, and dynamically invert colors for each interface object.
  3. The inverse color algorithm is based on Lab and HSV color space. The adaptation is wider and more natural.

According to the screenshots of MIUI 12 UI exposed by XDA users, MIUI 12 will be simplified overall, adding dark mode, screen time setting, and focus mode.

When using the dark mode, we usually have troubles and we can’t see clearly during the day and are too dazzling at night. MIUI 12 Dark Mode 2.0 x automatically adjusts the contrast, moves with the light, and is extremely intimate!

MIUI 12 Dark Mode 2.0

  1. Get through the dark mode and night mode, and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen;
  2. Adopt color design conforming to WCAG standard, high color selection contrast and clearer content in bright light environment;
  3. In the dark light environment, the contrast is intelligently reduced according to the screen brightness, and it is not dazzling at night.

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