MIUI+ Updated And Now Supports connection of Redmi Air Dots 3 Pro and Notebooks

MIUI+ is an important feature launched by Xiaomi in the MIUI12.5 system update. It can project the screen of the smartphone to the computer. Also, it supports functions such as viewing mobile notifications on the computer side, two-way synchronization of the clipboard, and file drag and drop transmission.

According to users’ feedback, Xiaomi’s MIUI+ Beta version has now ushered in the version update, which supports the connection of Redmi Air Dots 3 Pro and laptops.


In addition, the new MIUI+ Beta version also has a number of optimizations, including optimization of mirror loading time, bug fixes for login and connection modules, and optimization of 2K and 3K screen adaptations for mutual transmission pop-ups.

MIUI+ Beta version 2.3.0 update content:

  • Support the connection of Redmi Air Dots 3 Pro and notebook
  • Optimized image loading time
  • Login and connection module bug fix
  • 2K and 3K screen adaptation optimization of mutual transmission pop-up window.

As the company proves, the MIUI12.5 is lighter, faster and smoother. The UI system is completely rewritten, and the memory usage of core scenes is reduced by 20%. Carrying out special razor projects, optimizing system apps one by one, the background memory usage decreased by an average of 35%. The system application power consumption decreased by an average of 25%.

In addition, the MIUI12.5 motion effect core technology, MIUI light cone motion effect architecture reach a higher level. It comes with a dedicated thread for gestures, prioritizes the scheduling of gesture operations, and responds more quickly. The computing power of the light cone architecture has been upgraded 20 times.

You can learn more about MIUI 12.5 through this link.

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