New Samsung Exynos Chip Coming Soon. Tomorrow?

Samsung is not considered to be a big chip maker. In this sense, Qualcomm and MediaTek are the main players. But there is a certain reason for all major smartphone makers to design their own mobile chips. They should try to minimize their dependence on the chip makers. That’s why Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others are working on their own SoCs. In this sense, Samsung has been in this field for a while. And we know every year, it releases two variants of its annual flagship. The Qualcomm Snapdragon chip is put on the American models, while Exynos SoCs are in the European models. Yesterday, on Twitter, this South Korean manufacturer issued a statement. It said a new Samsung Exynos chip is on the way. In fact, we are waiting for it to come as soon as tomorrow at the 2019 Samsung Technology Day event.

The tweet itself did not provide specific details. But in August, it was reported that Samsung has begun testing the Exynos 9630 mid-range chipset. The latter is expected to be installed in the Galaxy A series in 2020. However, there are no technical specifications for this chipset yet. So we won’t make many assumptions.

Earlier this year, Samsung announced that it would introduce AMD’s graphics technology into its smartphone chip. This will involve ultra-low power as well as high-performance graphics technology. However, some reports indicate that the first Samsung Exynos chipset with AMD GPUs may not be available until 2021.

The tweet also mentions the phrase ‘mobile intelligence.’ So the new chip may be related to artificial intelligence. Samsung has announced that it will hold the 2019 Samsung Technology Day event tomorrow. Meetings on 5G, GPU and artificial intelligence are mentioned on the agenda.

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