Polls Show That Nearly 70% of Koreans Support Online Message Real Name System

A poll conducted by the Korean polling agency Realmeter on the 16th. Shows that nearly 70% of Koreans are in favor of implementing the real-name system of online messages.

In the case that the singer and actor Shirley passed away to make the problem of bad stickers come to the surface again. Realmeter conducted the above investigation on 502 adults across the country on the 15th. The results showed that 69.5% of the respondents agreed with the real-name system for posting online. Among them, those who answered “very agree” and “yes” accounted for 33.1% and 36.4% respectively. Indicating that “objection” accounted for 24%, and 6.5% of respondents did not know or did not answer.

Realmeter said that in almost all regions, age groups and values ​​tendencies. Public opinion in favor of the real-name system of online postings prevailed.

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