Redmi Note 10 Pro Getting MIUI 12.5 Update, Which Brings RAZER Keyboard

The Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone was officially released on May 26 and went on sale on June 1. The 6+128GB starts at 1,499 yuan ($234). The phone comes with the Dimensity 1100 chip, and it is the first time to introduce VC liquid cooling in the Redmi Note series. It also comes with NFC 3.0, infrared remote control, JBL dual speakers, and X-axis linear motor.

Interestingly, this phone is already getting the MIUI stable version system update. The update size is 147MB, which brings functions such as a mechanical keyboard, and optimizes the image quality of the camera. Overall, the update improves stability.

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This update brings the simulated mechanical keyboard function to the two built-in input methods. After updating the system, a mechanical keyboard button appears on the input method setting interface.

MIUI 12.5 for Redmi Note 10 Pro

This feature was jointly developed by Redmi and Razer. It uses X-axis linear motors and speakers to bring an operating feel similar to a mechanical keyboard. In addition, the key volume and vibration intensity can be adjusted in the settings.

MIUI 12.5 for Redmi Note 10 Pro

The Razer Paragraph Optical Axis Keyboard has a crisp sound when used. When you press the key slowly, you can feel the vibration that is delayed for a period of time. In addition, when this keyboard is in use, each keycap has an animation effect after being pressed.

Razer Keyboard

The interface of the RAZER linear optical axis keyboard is white with RGB lighting. The sound of this keyboard is relatively deep and short, and feels similar to the common red axis keyboard.

Razer Keyboard

This system update of Redmi Note 10 Pro also brings the fingerprint tap function. By entering the Settings > More settings > Shortcut gestures, you can find feature. The user can set tap the side fingerprint button to turn on screenshots, control centers, flashlights, and can also support opening payment codes, Alipay or WeChat QR codes, etc.

In addition, this update also optimizes the gaming experience in some scenarios; optimizes the NFC super card experience, and adds support for some special cards.

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