Third-party Organizations Can Crack iPhone In Seconds

Apple has been blocking any behavior related to cracking the iPhone. But that doesn’t mean no one can jailbreak it.

According to the reports, since January 2018, law enforcement officers in New York City have been able to crack the iPhone internally. In addition, the Israeli company Cellebrite announced in June 2019 that its UFED Premium product will allow customers to unlock the iPhone for the first time without having to send it to the company lab.

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In the results published by Cellebrite, we can see they can bypass the phone lock and perform full file system extraction on any iOS device. They can even perform physical extraction or full file system extraction on many high-end Android devices. This will allow them to access third-party application data as well. Say, they can access chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content, etc.

iPhone Jailbreak Cellebrite

It is not known whether UFED Premium developed by Cellebrite can crack devices running iOS 13, but Cellebrite official website said it can unlock all Apple devices. So can we assume the new-gen Apple models can be cracked as well?

This company always refuses to provide information on whow uses its services. So we can’t say how ‘effective’ their products work. There is a speculation Cellebrite had UFED Premium ready years ago, but it delayed making a public announcement. If you wonder why it could act in this way, maybe big customers could make full use of the product only now.

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