Xiao Ai Can Intelligently Generate An Answer For Your Missed Call

Xiaomi’s new version of Xiao Ai is now available in the Xiaomi App Store. Now, the Xiaomi users have the ability to upgrade to the latest version to get new features.

The Xiao Ai has added support for a one-time wake-up, continuous conversation, and interruption at any time. You only need to wake up Xiao Ai application once and you can speak instructions continuously. The latter supports the Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G version and the Xiaomi 9. More models are being covered soon.

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A new “Male Voice” voice pack has been added, and you will be accompanied by lush young men.

When it is inconvenient to answer the call, the Xiao Ai can recognize the content of the call as text and present it to you. You only need to tap the intelligently generated answer to turn it into voice and convey it to the other party.

Xiao Ai

When you can’t find your smartphone, just shout the mysterious words “Where is the XiaoAi?”. A bit later the high-end app will respond to you. This feature also supports voiceprint recognition.

After logging in to the same account on the smartphone and Xiaomi TV, the Ai will turn into a TV remote control. In this state, the application supports the functions of turning on / off the TV, photos, and selections. It worths mentioning that the Xiao Ai supports playing NetEase cloud music.

The Xiaomi 8 SE, Redmi Note4X Standard Edition, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi Note5A, Xiaomi Note3 support bright screen reminder.

In addition, Xiaomi’s non-AI key models can also use Xiao Ai shortcuts as well. Therefore you can add shortcuts to the notification bar or create desktop icons.


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