Xiaomi Cloud DIsk 1.0 Officially Announced

Today’s network disk and cloud disk services are basically dying out. Say, in China, the only fruitful Baidu network disk is the lion’s mouth in terms of membership. Otherwise, it will only have a very poor download speed. But Xiaomi is coming. And today, it announced the Xiaomi Cloud Disk.

In fact, before this, the Xiaomi cloud disk storage service was launched. But it has not been offering too many services. In other words, it was hidden. You need to find the entrance through the Xiaomi cloud service of the web client or the file management classification tab of the Xiaomi smartphone.

Xiaomi Cloud service

Now, Xiaomi Cloud Disk 1.0 has started internal beta recruitment in the Xiaomi community and revealed that it is expected to be released on June 29.

It is reported that the Xiaomi cloud disk is mainly for Xiaomi smartphone users, providing fast and safe file cloud storage services, featuring safe backup and free speed download.

Main function introduction:

Cloud storage: You can upload phone documents, music, video and other files to the Xiaomi Cloud Disk, saving a lot of space and keeping them in safe.

View: it supports viewing documents, pictures, music, video, cloud file access anywhere, anytime.

Management: It offers support for download, delete, rename, create folders and move other functions.

Looking at it this way, Xiaomi Cloud Disk is not an open network storage service similar to Baidu SkyDrive. It only serves Xiaomi smartphone users. But due to the two attributes of safe and high-speed download, it is still worth looking forward to.


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