Xiaomi Enters The AR Field, Applying For New Patent

At the beginning of the week, at WWDC 2021 developer’s conference, Apple announced a new Map with new AR features that will come to the market with iOS 15. This will make the native navigation app more competitive with Google’s offering. Now, the Apple Maps includes richer elevation data, more road colors, rich labels and 3D landmarks. Thus, AR is getting deeper and deeper in commonly-used apps. Today, we learned that Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of “Information Display Method, Device and Storage Medium Based on Augmented Reality Equipment”, with the publication number CN110264320B.

Xiaomi AR

The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure is about an information display method based on augmented reality devices. It belongs to the technical field of smart terminals. The present disclosure uses the AR device to display evaluation information of the target item acquired in the field of view, which can prompt the user of the pros and cons of the item, thereby expanding the use scenarios of AR.

The methods described in the patent include:

  • Obtain the image within the field of view corresponding to the AR device through the image acquisition component in the AR device;
  • Determine the appearance feature parameter value corresponding to the appearance feature parameter of the target item in the field of view image;
  • Obtain the evaluation information of the target item according to the parameter value of the appearance characteristic of the target item;
  • Through the display component in the AR device, the evaluation information of the target item is displayed corresponding to the target item.


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