Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Getting MIUI 12.5 Stable Version Update

Today, we learned that the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is already getting its portion of the MIUI 12.5 stable version update.

Xiaomi released the latest generation of MIUI 12.5 system in December last year. The company said that this is no less than a major version update. In terms of fluency, the official claimed that the system memory usage has dropped by an average of 35%, power consumption by 25%, and super wallpaper function consumption is reduced by up to 40%. MIUI 12.5 brings a new light cone motion effect architecture, more immersive translucent motion blur, new super wallpapers, new notification system sounds, more delicate vibration touch, and “One more thing” MIUI+ collaboration function, etc.

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Though we have not still found an official information, users say the MIUI 12.5 changelog includes:

  1. Voice assistant;
  2. Swipe left and right to switch the notification bar and control center;
  3. Small window 2.0 (it is still the small window function of MIUI12 after the update);
  4. The full-screen gestures seem to be the MIUI12 version (because the animation of the gesture prompt line moves upward, the new version 12.5 does not have the animation of the upward move. The full-screen setting interface calls the system settings, 12.5 full screen setting interface should call the system desktop);
  5. MIUI+;
  6. The original fuzzy scenes of MIUI12 (such as the lock screen password input interface, background interface, etc., should be caused by the classification of the model);
  7. Like the Xiaomi Mi 8, Google services will be invalid after the update.

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