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Xiaomi MIUI 12 Remote Assistance Function is Newly Launched (Setup Tutorial)

On January 19, Xiaomi’s Mi Talk announced that it will stop its service at 12:00 on February 19, 2021. At that time, many users asked the question of ‘what if we want to use remote assistance in the future’.

Today, Xiaomi MIUI officially stated that the new version of remote assistance is now online, and it also brings a specific setting tutorial.

Basic preparation

Go to the Mi App Store to install Mi Talk. The current remote assistance function is carried by Xiaomi Call. The required version is 1.2.30 and above.

MIUI 12 remote assistance function tutorial

The system requirements of the controlled terminal smartphone: system service component version 9.10.80 and above, can be checked for updates in the Xiaomi App Store.

Enter the device number of the other party

Log in to your Mi account in Mi Talk, you can get your device number. Enter the device number of the other party in the Xiaomi call dial keypad to start a call.

MIUI 12 remote assistance function tutorial

Click Remote Assistance

After the call is successful, click the remote assistance button in the upper left corner to initiate a remote assistance request.

MIUI 12 remote assistance function tutorial

Enter assistance code

The controlled terminal needs to tell the controlling terminal its own assistance code, and enter the assistance code in the pop-up window to successfully establish remote assistance.

MIUI 12 remote assistance function tutorial

Xiaomi launched this messaging platform at its inception in 2010. Initially, it was a very popular messaging platform with millions of users. However, over the years, the company lost touch with users. It lost its place to the likes of WeChat and other younger messaging platform. As much as we hate to see MiTalk go, we must admit that its users are not that much. Attempting to maintain such a platform would probably be a loss for Xiaomi.

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