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Xiaomi Officially Teaches You How To Turn Off MIUI Ads

Xiaomi’s MIUI has always been a good reputation among users, but the system is not perfect either. One of the more complaints is that there are more MIUI ads in the system.


It is logical to bring some promotional advertisements in the system and software. After all, businesses have to make money to support their families. And most of the advertisements can be closed manually.

Today, Xiaomi’s official Weibo channel has shared a few small ways to reduce MIUI ads.

MIUI users who don’t like to be disturbed with ads can do it right away

1. Say “Close system advertisement” to Xiao Ai

2. Search “Advertising Service” in the settings and select Close

3. App Store -> My -> Settings -> Recommend

4. Weather -> Settings -> User Experience Plan -> There are three items that you can fully close

5. Calendar -> Find three points -> Settings -> User Experience Plan -> Content Promotion

6. Browser -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Personalized Recommendation

Other smartphone systems have similar methods to turn off or reduce advertisements. Basically, you can turn off the options that include keywords such as recommendations, promotions, and advertisements in the settings of the system and its own applications.

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We understand that the first method seems to be only applicable to MIUI 11 and higher systems. Systems with a version number lower than MIUI 11 do not support one-click shutdown. But, instead, you can individually close an application that does not want to show ads. Currently, the applications that support closing ads include Security Center, Xiaomi Music, Trash Cleaner and  Browser. Moreover, Xiaomi Video, App Store, Search, Game Center, Xiaomi Weather also support closing ads.

Xiaomi is pretty sneaky when it comes to ads, so make sure to disable them in the same way in more than one place under the Security app.

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