Xiaomi Watch Launches OTA Grayscale Upgrade Today: Solving Key Issues Such as Charging and Pairing

According to Qu Heng, general manager of Xiaomi Eco-Chain, a small number of Xiaomi watch users will receive grayscale upgrades starting today. Starting tomorrow, they will receive push OTA updates.

Qu Heng said that this time Xiaomi Watch OTA mainly solved the key issues of watch charging and optimizing the first pairing.

Not long ago, Qu Heng said that he would do the first OTA system upgrade on December 3; increase the iOS system adaptation, optimize the experience of pairing watches for the first time, and the download speed of the application market. The specific updates are as follows:

iOS App goes live

  • Launched Xiaomi Wear App for iOS to improve iOS user experience.

Optimize the pairing experience

  • Optimized the issue of watch freeze in the first few minutes after pairing the watch for the first time.

Application market, watch market browsing, download experience optimization

  • When downloading apps in the watch face / app store, use WiFi first to make the download experience smoother.

Notification prompt repair

  • Addressed issue where after receiving some app notifications in the Xiaomi Wear App, the watch still receives app notifications.

Interactive optimization of Sogou input method

  • Sogou input method has added tutorials to guide users how to switch input methods.

Weather positioning optimization

  • Fix weather location information is not refreshed.

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