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Xiaomi’s Mi Browser Is Banned In India

Xiaomi is India’s number 1 smartphone maker for many consecutive quarters. This simply means that Indians like this brand. This is also true for the TV products. That’s not a secret that Xiaomi leads both Indian and Chinese TV markets. But this doesn’t mean that the Indian government thinks of Xiaomi as something unique or special. As the Economic Times of India reports, the Indian government banned a number of Chinese apps. At present, the Indian government has banned the use of Mi Browser on smartphones produced by Xiaomi. And the Indian media said this move will also affect other Chinese companies in India.

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Xiaomi currently has sold more than 100 million smartphones in India, accounting for nearly 30% of the Indian smartphone market. According to Indian officials, the use of Mi Browser may affect the operation of these devices, as well as network access.

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Currently, Xiaomi India is in dialogue with the Indian government to clarify its position. Xiaomi officials stated that the ban on Xiaomi’s Mi browser will not affect Xiaomi phones because users can get all other browsers for free. But it’s still unclear why the Indian government has decided to do so. However, there is only on reason we can think about at the moment. Probably, Mi browser collects users’ data for better user experience. And like other similar cases, no government wants any manufacturer or firm to collect data of its netizens.

Honestly, we don’t know any mobile app that doesn’t collect similar data. But if this is the reason behind the decision of Indian’s government, then all mobile apps should be banned.

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