Apple iPhone 12 Will Reproduce The Popular Color “Navy Blue”

Max Weinbach, the developer and leaker of XDA forums, revealed that the iPhone 12 will use the new color “Navy Blue” in the future. This new color of the iPhone 12 may replace the midnight green of the iPhone 11 Pro series and become the main push of the 2020 iPhone.

Weinbach accurately predicted that the iPhone 12 will have a new color in the past. In May 2019, he said through his Twitter account that subsequent versions of the iPhone XR will be in a new light green. However, at that time he thought that the green option would replace yellow, and later the iPhone 11 actually had yellow and green.

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Over the years, Apple has been able to launch a popular color on almost every generation of iPhone. So it has become the popular color of the year, and it must be the best-selling one. Near to midnight green this year, there were the original rose gold, local gold. After adding the iPhone XR series the previous year and last year, Apple’s colors are bolder and there are more color options.

So the rumor of “Navy Blue” iPhone 12 is not unexpected. In September of this year, we will see if it can come true.

Out of color, Apple will launch 5 new iPhone models in 2020. The so-called “iPhone 9” or “iPhone SE2” will be in the spring after the launch. He will adopt the appearance of the iPhone 8 but replace it with the latest A13 processor. The iPhone 12 series released in autumn is the highlight, with 1 5.4-inch screen model, 2 6.1-inch models and 1 6.7. Inch models, supporting 5G networks will be the biggest selling point.


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