Apple Is Considering Bundling AirPods with 2020 iPhones


According to Taiwan magazine DigiTimes, Apple is considering bundling AirPods with new iPhones for sale in 2020.

The report cited industry sources who asked not to be named as saying.”Smartphone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi all hope to bundle their new models with their own TWS earphones for sale next year”. “TWS” or “True wireless stereo” headphones include headphones such as AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

Apple include the basic wired EarPods with Lightning in the box with the iPhone. This pairing has been going on for several years. The headset is cheaper to manufacture and has an official price of just $ 29.

Although the current rumor seems suspicious. company may also think that it is time to add something more modern than EarPods to its iPhone. After all, Apple AirPods are the best-selling true wireless headphones in the world. Bundling them with iPhone Sales will increase sales of new iPhones. If the news is true, Apple is expected to bundle AirPods for sale in the high-end iPhone 12 Pro models.

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