Apple Plans To Launch Next-Gen Bluetooth Tracker Product

According to the latest report, Apple is developing a product similar to the Bluetooth tracker Tile. The new Apple accessory is to help users “locate” personal items such as keys, wallets and more.

The report shows that the new accessory looks more like a small round label with the Apple Logo in the middle. This means that Apple’s future tracking devices will be similar to other Bluetooth tracker products that are currently available. And foreign media has confirmed that this Apple Bluetooth tracker code is “B389”. It’s worth noting that this new Apple accessory will be compatible with the “Find My” app in iOS 13. This feature is currently not available in the public beta version of iOS, but a foreign media found a new “project” in the “Find My” app.

This is an era of convenience, from self-tie sneakers to Bluetooth trackers designed to provide maximum convenience. Allowing the user to know the exact location of some objects without having to find time and effort. Company will further improve its own product design before the official release of new products. This “small accessories” is believe to bring different user experience.

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